A nice boat drive along the east coast of Madeira, in direction of the airport, brings us to this interesting yet very challenging diving spot, known as the "Baixa de Santa Catarina". Due to the current the descent is done along the anchoring line until we reach a plateau at 25 meters depth. Here we find a landscape of large rugged rocks, an
awesome and very old anchor, and a beautiful overgrown wall that leads down to 40 meters depth... a diving
experience that for sure will make any divers heart beat faster! Schools of barracudas, oray eels, zoanthids, sting
rays and sometimes curious dog sharks are some of the delights of this unique diving site. This diving spot is only
suitable for experienced divers and can only be approached under optimal weather conditions!

Geographical location:                  32°C 38´ N
                                                  16°C 51´ W
Depths:                                       Ca. 25 m - 40 m+
Type of dive site:                          Terrace rock formations
Visibility:                                     About 25 m, depending on season
Water temperature:                      Summer ca. 24°C, Winter ca. 18°C
Current condition:                         Mixed
Distance from the diving center:     Ca. 18 minutes by boat
Suitable for:                                 Only for experienced divers
Special Features:                         Current, Deepness
UW-Flora/ Fauna:                         Atlantic and tropical diversity