From a depth of 30 m two conical boulders wind their way up to 12 meter below the water´s surface. They are free standing, surrounded by blue water and provide protection for all kinds of reef dwellers such as Atlantic damselfish, wrasses, including the big hog fish, neon damselfish, turkish wrasse, etc. This, of course, lures predators of the sea, such as barracudas and jacks, which are regularly observed hunting. The two volcanic cones also offer many loopholes in which numerous moray eels hide. The T-Reef can be reached from the diving base in 12 minutes by boat.



Geographical location:                32° 38` N
                                                16° 51´ W
Depths:                                     ca. 12 m  - 30 m
Type of dive site:                        Boat dive, underwater nature reserve offshore-detached cone of rock,
                                                surrounded by blue water
Visibility:                                   About 25m, depending on the season
Water temperature:                    Summer ca. 24°C, Winter ca. 18°C
Current conditions:                     Slight west-east current
Distance from the diving center:   ca. 10 - 12 minutes by boat
Suitable for:                               Beginners and experienced divers
Special features:                        Easy underwater orientation, protected inside a huge bay
UW-Flora/ Fauna:                      Atlantic and tropical diversity