Along the east coast of Madeira, after a 25 minutes boat drive from Manta Diving, we arrive at the diving spot known as the "Tres Marias" in Machico. Here we find a large rock formation which arises from 35 meters depth to up to 5 meters under the water surface. A unique spot where the most beautiful black coral grow, including the rare whip coral, which gives this diving reef a tropical touch! This diving spot is ideal for more experienced divers and can only be approached under optimal weather conditions!



Geographical location:     23° 38´ N
    16° 50´ W
Depths:     ca. 5 m - 35 m
Type of dive site:     Rock formations
Visibility:     About 25m, depending on season
Water temperature:     Summer ca. 24°, Winter ca. 18°C
Current condition:     Sight to medium current
Distance from the diving center:     ca. 25 minutes by boat
Suitable for:     Experienced divers
Special Features:     Rare whip and black corals, large fish abundance
UW-Flora/ Fauna:     Atlantic and tropical diversity