According to the local people, the steam ship "Pronto" was torpedoed in WWI in the harbour of Funchal. It originally supplied the neighbouring island of Porto Santo with fresh water in the warm summer months. Now the Pronto lies at a depth of 33 m directly in front of the pier of Funchal. The engine room with a riveted boiler is still in good condition and offers moray eels, spider crabs and groupers ideal refuge. The passage of time is taking its toll on the rest of the wreck which, however, does not disturb the large schools of fish such as barracuda and mackerel which can often be seen there. Due to limited visibility and strong current the dive spot cannot be approached on a regular basis.



Geographical location:
32° 38´ N
16° 54´ W
Depths: 33 m
Type of dive site: Boat dive, surrounded by blue water
Visibility: Not always ideal due to the nearby Port (Funchal)
Water temperature: Summer ca. 24°C, Winter ca. 18°C
Current conditions: Strong current
Distance from the diving center: 20 minutes by boat
Suitable for: Experienced divers
Special features: Easy underwater orientation
UW-Flora/Fauna: Atlantic and tropical diversity