... is a paradise for those who love the cave feeling while keeping you full attention on the cave dwellers that are perceived as from another world as they pass through the beams of light of the underwater torches. There are Atlantic dance prawns, Mediterranean scissor shrimp, reef lobster crabs, mullet kings, warts screen snails, peach slugs, stone sponges, black coral and with some luck, one of the rare Atlantic Monk Seals to observe.

The peculiarity of the huge cave at Ponta da Oliveira is that it is easy to dive in spite of its size.
With 50 m length, 20 m wide of a maximum depth of 12 m and a large air bubble at the end to surface, it invites not only experienced divers, but is a perfect start to cave diving for advanced divers.



Geographical location:            23° 38´ N
                                               16° 50` W
Depth:                                     5 m - 12 m
Dive Type:                               large lava tube (50 m long, 20 m wide, 12 m deep)
Visual conditions:                    seasonal with maximum 50 m
Water temperature:                 summer 24°C, winter 18°C
Flow conditions:                      western-easterly
Distance to water:                   20 m
Access/ exits:                          numerous options (easy handling)
Suitable for:                            experienced and advanced divers
Features:                                easy to dive, no branches
Flora/ Fauna:                         Atlantic and tropical variety of photophobic and nocturnal animals