57km long, 22 km wide and astoundingly 1862m high. This island has it all! Steppe type landscape in the east, sub-tropical mango, papaya, banana and fig plantations in the south, terraced fields, with the famous ´Levada` irrigation channels, slopes full of vineyards, eucalyptus forests, \"Scottish highlands\" and the central massif surrounded by centuries old alpine laurel forests. This island calls out to be discovered actively and the ocean surrounding the island attracts visitors with its warm Gulf Stream, which acts as a natural air conditioning system and ensures pleasant temperatures all year round for swimming, snorkeling and diving.


Madeira Wine - Everyone knows the name, many legends and stories are told about these fine wines. The terraces with stone retaining walls invite you to explore and hike and are characteristic of the island.

Sugar Cane - Before cultivating wine, sugar cane was the most common crop on Madeira. The sugar cane schnapps called Aqua Dente is produced on Madeira and used to mix the national drink called Poncha.

Markets - You will find many markets on the island or simple roadside stalls where you can buy fruit and vegetables as well as potato bread and grilled chicken. The largest market is the vegetable, flower and fish market in Funchal. The traditional farmers´market of Santo da Serra in the east of the island is open Sundays and also worth seeing.

Funchal - The capital city of Funchal is a vibrant place. It lies in an amphitheater and encompasses the entire bay. Museums, exhibits and historic buildings invite the culturally interested visitors to browse. Small artisans, Madeira wine cellars and many small shops and boutiques can be discovered during a stroll though the city.

Sea and beach holiday - Madeira is located in the warm Gulf Stream. The ocean water temperature does not drop below 18°C in winter and reaches 24°C in summer. There are no thermo clines. The Galo Resort is the only hotel with a private bay directly in the underwater nature reserve.



Destination:                      Portugal (Europe)
Geographial location:       32° 64´ N, 16° 83´W
Area:                                741 km²
Language:                        Portuguese
Population:                       approximately 270 000
Currency:                         Euro
Capital City:                      Funchal
Time zone:                        - 1 hour
Entry requirements:          Identity card or passport